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  • Jason Hesley

Canada's MEDEVIL Announces New Vocalist To Lineup; New Album Out “Mirror in the Darkness”

Earlier this April, Medevil took the stage at a sold-out Hyperspace MetalFest in Vancouver, BC with the support of vocalist Eric Willmott (Apprentice, ex- Meridius) to fill in for the band's main singer Liam Collingwood. Taking the stage and fans by storm during that event, today, the band announces they will continue future performances will Wilmott.

"Liam Collingwood is still a part of Medevil and will be continuing to work with us both creatively and in various singing roles on the upcoming album(s). Eric Willmott will be singing for us at all live performances, and is expected to sing as the lead vocalist on the upcoming studio albums as well." adds the band.

Medevil recently released their new album “Mirror in the Darkness” on April 7th. The record is a big step up from their debut full-length “Conductor of Storms”, with a more progressive and ambitious direction than before. The album is also a tribute to drummer Chris Malcolmson who passed away after its recording. The songs on this new album have much more variety, and a lot more to offer, which should accommodate a wider array of music tastes from metal fans or fans of music in general. The band is very confident that fans of the first record will enjoy this one and they explain further:

“‘Mirror in the Darkness’ is our boldest step into different musical stylings than ever before. It is a very dark-sounding album mood-wise and can be described as ‘progressive power metal’ in most areas. Each song throughout sounds completely unique from the other, bringing out a new metal flavour unheard from the previous tracks. We also experimented with Drop-C tuning here on a couple songs, adding to the dark sound. While it is not a concept album, the lyrics throughout have consistent themes about heavy personal issues such as depression and negativity you feel in life.”

Their style on “Conductor of Storms” was heavily inspired by the classic ‘80s heavy metal bands, but for “Mirror in the Darkness” they started looking at other heavy metal influences within the progressive metal sphere such as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Mastodon. You can hear this influence on tracks like ‘No Peace in Rest’, ‘Dead Before Birth’ and ‘Veiled’ where they make use of longer arrangement structures, odd time signatures, and atmospheric soundscapes.

Intended to be listened to in a single sitting from front to back, Medevil spent a lot of time considering the flow of the album, from fast and energetic to dark and brooding, so there is a lot of variety that will come from a fully engaged listen. Dedicated to late drummer Chris Malcolmson, it is recommended for fans of Metal Church, Accept, and Baroness.

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