• Jason Hesley

Canada’s Maudiir Unleashes Double Digipak For EPs “La Part du Diable” & “Le Temps Peste”

Montreal’s one-man-black-metal-band Maudiir created by F. has unleashed two EPs since its inception. The debut “Le Temps Peste” was issued in 2020 and within a year later, the sophomore recording “La Part du Diable” was unveiled this past February. Both are different in sonics, but similar in delivery of their creative veined black metal. The first EP featured more straightforward black/thrash elements whereas Maudiir's second release experimented more with progressive influences. Overall, both demonstrate intense, dark music from the mind of F. with lyrics that draw on societal reflections, religion, and the environment.

Today, Maudiir announces the release of both EPs on limited edition double digipak, which features a bonus cover track of The Exploited's “Sid Vicious Was Innocent”.

F. aka Maudiir comments: “I felt that combining the 2 EPs on one digipak would work well to offer an interesting listening experience, showing the progression of the music and sound between Le Temps Peste and La Part du Diable. Maudiir is very much a DIY family affair, so again my brother handled the visuals and did a beautiful job. It’s a really nice package to get into the world of Maudiir. Plus there is also a special version of The Exploited song “Sid Vicious Was Innocent” that’s going to surprise people.”

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