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  • Jason Hesley

Canada’s Lycanthro Are Now Streaming Their New Album “Mark of the Wolf”

Lycanthro has been hard at work on their new album “Mark of the Wolf”, which releases on Friday, June 4th via Alone Records to follow their 2018 EP “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Before “Mark of the Wolf” officially drops, Lycanthro has teamed with for its full stream HERE. On this new LP, Lycanthro has been drawing more influences from European and US power metal to the point where they decided to make it a mainstay in their overall sound.

The band hopes that this upcoming full length will have a positive impact on the listeners and that the songs will be memorable and stuck in the listener’s mind after they’ve finished the album. Along with the two singles “Evangelion” and “Crucible” that have already been released, the album flaunts a diverse range of songs including the sing-along crowd-pleaser “In Metal We Trust”; the epic retelling of Hunchback of Notre Dame with “Fallen Angels Prayer” and the harmonic “Enchantress”.

Vocalist/guitarist James Delbridge gives insight into the album:

“This album has taken a while to forge, and we hope that fans will marvel in the peaks and valleys that this album has to offer, and leave with having a positive experience! Some songs are an homage to different stories from pop culture and media and we hold near and dear to our hearts, other songs are meant to bring the listener on a journey through the worlds within the song, and others are just so the listener can marvel in the epicness of metal!”

“Mark of the Wolf” is eight tracks of diverse listening that offer something for everyone while still staying under the power metal umbrella. High soaring vocals, harmonized guitars, heavy chugging riffs, odd, but cool instruments, and even a breakdown or 2, all metalheads have something they can take from this album and walk away with a positive experience.

This album as well as the previous EP was recorded at Wolf Lake Studios in Lac-des-Loups, Quebec and the mastering was done by Jack Kosto who is most well-known for being the lead guitarist in power metal band Seven Spires. Lycanthro is recommended listening for power metal fans everywhere especially those who enjoy Helloween, Manowar and Judas Priest.

“Mark of the Wolf” releases on June 4, 2021 via Alone Records and available on the following platforms.

Album pre-order available on Bandcamp and Big Cartel. Digital pre-save (Spotify) here.

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