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  • Jason Hesley

Canada's KELEVRA’s New Video “The Distance” Puts A Progressive Spin On Hateful Endings!

Regina, Canada’s Kelevra has made a name for themselves in the national scene with their distinct and unique approach to metal, accompanied by a high-intensity live show. Recently they have taken time away from performing live to step back into the studio and create their third album “Oneiric”, which will be released in March 2024. The first single is the gripping “The Distance” - a story of hateful endings and love lost. The band comments:

“The bpm and varied technique required to pull this one off really demands the band be tight and ready, and it has become a standout track showcasing every band member firing on all cylinders. The nimble string gymnastics, push and pull feel in the rhythm section, and stops and starts on a dime really come together to show clever musicianship. The lyrics, vocals, and music interplay with an urgency that drives home the message of the track in a tight and cohesive unit.”

For Kelevra, the writing process is different from song to song, but usually begins with a single guitar riff. With the luxuries of technology and home recording studios, it is also common for songs to be formed in their entirety by one or two of the members and then presented to the band. Each member of the band has considerable experience in other bands as well, so talent and professionalism run deep in this group.

As a band, they have always found music as a way to reflect and share their thoughts and opinions, whether it be directly or metaphorically. With tons of new material, together with an ever-evolving fast-paced, melodic, and heavy sound, Kelevra is set to take Canadian progressive metal to all-new heights in 2024. They recommended listening for fans of Chimaira, Lamb of God, and Unearth.

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