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Canada's IRON KINGDOM Shares Part 2 of Behind The Scenes Making of Video For New Album!

Canada's Iron Kingdom recently unleashed its fifth studio album "The Blood of Creation" this past November. Once again it was a DIY approach by the band, self-producing the record with vocalist/guitarist Chris Osterman doing the engineering with some help from the band and some friends (Dan Yakimow, Jeff Black) along with mixing by Andy Boldt and mastering done by Greg Reely.

Today, the band is giving their next glimpse into the making of the full-length with the second part of their behind-the-scenes making-of documentary.

"With the second part of our ‘Making Of’ documentary, we wanted to delve deeper into ‘The Blood Of Creation’. The band explains the meaning and stories behind each track on the album, the gear we used as well as going through some stories from behind the scenes. The documentary shares some never before seen footage from the studio as well as some specially recorded interviews with each band member to share their experience of our latest album! We wanted to make the extra documentary video as a very special thank you to our die-hard fans. We can’t thank you all enough for all the support we’ve received over the past 11 years as an independent act and we truly hope you all enjoy watching! Thank you for believing in us and for listening to our art!” adds Chris Osterman.

The Making Of 'The Blood Of Creation' Pt. 2 can be viewed at

and Pt. 1 is available at

Iron Kingdom's fifth full-length “The Blood Of Creation” contains eight impressive tracks running over three-quarters of an hour of classic heavy metal, windswept solos, memorable riffs, and piercing vocals conveying powerful stories. This new album saw a lot more musical content coming from lead guitarist Megan Merrick, and having Max Friesen on drums saw lots more ideas from yet another angle. Iron Kingdom continues to rework and evolve its sound and layers of professionalism can be heard throughout. This album is quite dark topically, the lyrics speak of war, fear, sacrifice, and pain, and the music although very classical and explorative also has some very evil moments throughout. The band, like so many others, was in a dark place due to the pandemic and the music reflects some of those emotions.

In the beginning, Iron Kingdom set out to create a sound paying homage to how things used to be in the 70s and 80s. They put on a big and energetic show, a show that brings you back to 1984, but in all the best ways. They are recommended for fans of Helloween, Judas Priest, and Queensrÿche.

The album “The Blood Of Creation” is available at the following links:

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