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  • Jason Hesley

Canada’s FALAMH Release Music Video For “Winds Of Silence”

Hailing from North Bay, Canada, Falamh have a new EP coming out “Aeons Effigy”,which follows up their 2020 release “The Unbound Beyond: I”. A riveting blend of black and death metal with heavy doses of melody, this new recording promises to build on their debut.

Those who enjoyed the previous EP will find that “Aeons Effigy” is more of the same, but with some new elements. A long history of working together in other bands lends to their cohesiveness, which is apparent on this new offering. Musically, the single is up-tempo with lots of grooves to headbang along with. The band explains the single in their own words:

“It is with great excitement that we present to you the first single from our upcoming EP “Aeons Effigy” with the track “Winds of Silence”. Filmed near our hometown, it both visually and musically helps create an atmosphere that represents one of our main inspirations, residing within Northern Ontario. Lyrically, it's about perseverance and being resolute to any obstacles before you.”

Falamh plays the kind of music they want to hear, chasing after that moment that makes your skin tingle with the “aesthetic chills” that keeps them going. They are recommended for fans of Dissection, Enslaved, and Taake.

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