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  • Jason Hesley

Canada’s Deformatory Unleash Guitar Playthrough “Within The Astral Abscess”

Canadian death metal duo Deformatory, helmed by Charlie Leduc (Guitars & Vocals) and Neil Grandy (Drums) recently unleashed their third full-length, “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”. This newest death metal offering contains 9 relentlessly brutal tracks wrapped in a beautifully complex concept, designed to overwhelm & entice the senses.

Today, in support of the record, guitarist Charlie Leduc is giving a behind-the-scenes look at his guitar prowess with a new playthrough for the album's opening track “Within The Astral Abscess” via its premiere on GearGods HERE. Leduc's adds about the track:

"Within The Astral Abscess is such a fun and relentless song to play. It's got a little bit of everything tossed into it, mostly because it was written in a single-take jam session. There's just no stopping the energy that comes through when smashing these riffs out. The unorthodox song structure and variations in the vibe throughout the track makes it a perfect warm-up song and one hell of an album opener." Deformatory has been a maelstrom of devastation since 2010, assaulting all in their wake with relentless sonic brutality. Rising from the depths of Ottawa, Canada, Deformatory has been delivering their crushing brand of extreme metal to live, screaming, and sweaty audiences across the provinces of Ontario & Quebec as a headlining band along with being a supporting act for Cryptopsy, Obscura, Napalm Death, Archspire, Beyond Creation, Fuck The Facts, Gorod and more. With over a decade of crafting a maniacal and unconventional approach to extreme metal, they have garnered the devotion of fans worldwide since their debut EP “A Prelude Of…” in 2011, which has been followed by two full-length albums “In The Wake of Pestilence” (Independent, 2013) and “Malediction” (CDN Records, 2016). Through CDN Records, they have also released a cover of Deicide’s infamous song “Once Upon The Cross” and a split album with Blood of Christ entitled “Bilateral Carnage” both in 2018. Now in 2021, they bring forth a new hellstorm with their third full-length entitled “Inversion of The Unseen Horizon”, which will be their first as a duo featuring Charlie Leduc (Guitars & Vocals) and Neil Grandy (Drums). The nine-track album is an assault for the masses that reaches all corners of the extreme metal spectrum from straight-up death to old-school black metal, all to encourage a maniacal frenzy, which even includes a guest appearance from Jon Levasseur (ex-Cryptopsy, None So Vile-era), a very admired guitar player in the genre and influence for the band.

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