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Canada’s Dark Metallers The Blood Of Christ Release Lyric Video For “Apocalyptic Vertigo”

In December of last year, London, Ontario’s The Blood of Christ released a split album “Eastern Beast – Western Wolf” with Japan’s Vomit Remnants. Now they have released a lyric video for the track “Apocalyptic Vertigo”. “Apocalyptic Vertigo” can be watched on YouTube -

The track is a unique song that blends black metal and death metal in an abrupt manner. It features really catchy thrash riffs, and a solid down-picking pit riff to end it off, all of which are indicative of Jeff Longo’s guitar style. Lyrically, this track speaks about time travel and loosely takes inspiration from the movie “Twelve Monkeys”. The Blood of Christ shares the intention behind their music:

“We hope that our music takes people away to an inner place that makes them feel triumphant like they’re in flight. Hopefully, it inspires the same feelings we got when we were kids just discovering awesome metal music.”

The Blood of Christ is now fronted by Ontario underground-metal veteran Hank Bielanski on bass & vocals. The release of “Eastern Beast – Western Wolf”, sees the debut of Hank’s beastly craft. This split is the ninth release from the Canadian band, whose discography also boasts three demos, four full-lengths, an EP, and another split.

They have toured with the likes of Kataklysm, Incantation, Necronomicon and Killitorous.

The Blood of Christ’s brooding, unique and crushing sound has made fans out of underground metal lovers from many genres, creating an appeal that defies genre borders, they are especially recommended for fans of Carcass, Sepultura, and Enslaved. “Eastern Beast – Western Wolf” is available on CDN Records.

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