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  • Jason Hesley

Canada's AUGURIUM Releases Brutal, Slamming Album “Unearthly Will”

Regina, SK’s brutal death metal act Augurium is now releasing their third studio release “Unearthly Will” to follow the band’s second album 2018’s “Unhallowed Ascendance” and 2017 EP “Omen”, which were stepping stones of straight-up brutal death metal, to a now more refined, darkened, carefully crafted monstrous offering. “Unearthly Will” is a culmination of core ideas that remain consistent and brutal yet experimental. It brings a dark musical aspect to lyrical themes of light and inner thought processes. The band shares their thoughts:

“This project has been an awesome journey and a welcome challenge to create over the past two years. All of our experiences have been absorbed and expressed within the walls of sound. As a tapestry is weaved together, each day as a thread towards the colossal effort that went towards this death metal release. We hope that our listeners enjoy this album for what it is, and perhaps join us when we perform in your area.”

The original line-up went to high school together and always jammed to their heroes hoping to one day do it themselves. After joining a former band and getting a taste of live shows and creating material, they decided to pull the plug and start doing what had been talked about for years prior. Thus Augurium was born with a hunger for heavy brutal death metal.

Through a few line-up changes and numerous festival shows and supporting Belphegor and Cryptopsy, Augurium has been making a name for itself across the country. Thematically, there are many different influences from philosophy, the study of different religions, fantasy franchises, video games, and mythology. They aim to write for entertainment, but also to spread a positive message, hopefully making the world a better place through music.

Augurium takes their old and new favourites within the world of heavy metal and spins them into something brutal and truly engaging. They are recommended for fans of Belphegor, Decrepit Birth, and Cannibal Corpse.

Before the album officially drops on August 25th, they have teamed up with NoCleanSinging for its full-stream premiere HERE.

“Unearthly Will” is available for pre-order at

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