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  • Jason Hesley

Californian Solo-Artist Aramis Unveils 'Crimson'

Crimson, the second album by the California-based solo metal project Aramis, is an impressive musical endeavor. Spanning approximately 55 minutes, the album comprises 11 tracks, including the previously released singles "Promethean Treatment" and "You Are The Enemy." While maintaining a predominant modern thrash metal and death metal style, Crimson skillfully incorporates influences from various genres.

The album's genre-blending prowess is especially evident in tracks like "Sunder," where a harsh and prominent black metal approach takes center stage. Conversely, "A Lightless Mourning" captivates listeners with its softer, melodic ballad-style composition. Yet, amidst these diverse influences, standout tracks such as the fast-paced "Saturn Rising" remain faithful to Aramis's original sound, pushing it to new heights.

Nik Hayes, the artist behind Aramis, reveals that the creative process for Crimson began in 2018, even before completing the first album, "Insignificant Memories." Hayes aimed to elevate his musicality and overall composition with this release, seeking greater diversity in sound. He succeeded in his ambition, crafting each song to stand individually while simultaneously creating a cohesive, unified experience when listened to as a whole.

The album exhibits a sense of congruency and connection between tracks through recurring motifs and melodies, carefully placed throughout. The final song, "Absolution," serves as the embodiment of this concept, linking back to the opening intro track, "Solitude," and completing a captivating narrative circle. With its abundance of remarkable moments and a wide range of sounds and styles, Crimson promises to delight listeners, inviting them to embark on an immersive musical journey.

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