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  • Jason Hesley

Calgary's RED CAIN Nominated For YYC Music Award For "Metal Recording of The Year"

Calgary, Canada's Red Cain have been nominated by the YYC Music Awards for "Metal Recording of The Year" for their single "Fisher King", which is featured on the band's latest their latest third full-length “NÄE'BLISS” released this past June.

The band is nominated alongside their metal peers Osyron, Syryn, Balrogath, and Carlos Cruz Project.

The award category is presented by Loud As Hell Festival.

Vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny comments:

“It’s a great honour to be once again nominated for the prestigious YYC Metal Recording of the Year award. One of our key values as a band has always been to recognize the contribution of our home scene to our success, and to celebrate the massive presence of local talent in Calgary, our home city. The YYC Music Awards team and the other nominees share these values, and it’s lovely to see local artists celebrating each other in this decentralized era. The nominated track, “Fisher King”, is very important to us. It remains in many ways THE original Red Cain composition, written in its first form 12 years ago and evolving now to one of our most popular songs. It is also a track that takes us back to our musical roots after 3 albums, and what better way to achieve this than recognition and support from local fans and industry professionals? Huge congratulations to the other nominees and a big heavy metal thank you to the YYC Music Awards team, Loud As Hell Metal Festival - and all Calgary music fans for supporting this award.”

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