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  • Jason Hesley

Calgary's HAMMERDRONE Seek Bloody Vengeance With “Part I - Rage, Corporeal” Off “A Trinity Of Rage”

Canada’s Hammerdrone is releasing a new EP this year, “A Trinity Of Rage”, which contains three concise, pummeling melodic death metal tracks that take a deep dive into the passion of anger. This is a concept EP – the intent is that listeners first read the short story, Eversor (available as a download from Bandcamp when you purchase the EP), and then listen to the EP with the lyrics in hand. Eversor is basically the prequel to the EP – or the EP is the sequel to the story, however, you prefer to look at it.

The first look of the journey that is set out through “A Trinity Of Rage” is the first track “Part I - Rage, Corporeal”, which opens with brutal intent diving straight into some Obituary-esque riffage, before opening into a more melodious mid-section, complete with ripping solo, and then ending with a briefly restrained interlude that climbs into a monstrous, vocal-led crescendo. Vocalist and lyricist Graham, who also penned the original short story, Eversor, that accompanies the EP, comments:

“This song came together so easily and is musically full of intense, blistering rage, perfectly representing the intent of the song as the opening track to our concept EP, ‘A Trinity Of Rage’. The protagonist in our story has dedicated most of his life to an insane and heretical idea, suppressing his anger and grief for decades, and finally finds himself where he wants to be; in the afterlife and armed with the weapons to wreak bloody vengeance upon God. Imagine the explosion of pure hatred and wrath that results – that’s this song. This is one of the shortest songs we’ve written, clocking in at only 3.5 minutes, but we packed a lot into this slab of death metal and it sets up the musical and lyrical journey of the rest of the EP.”

Hammerdrone has concreted their position in the Canadian metal scene with steady releases since 2012, appearances at festivals including Calgary Metalfest and Loud As Hell, and making it to second place in the Canadian Wacken Metal Battle and winning Metal Recording of the Year through the YYC Music Awards. Witnesses to their live shows can expect to be pummelled into the dirt by a blistering and professional performance. They have worked hard to craft a memorable show without relying on gimmicks or costumes to do so, so they are always in motion and always trying to play to the crowd.

Epic, and aggressive, Hammerdrone is recommended for fans of Be’lakor, Carcass and Amon Amarth.

“Part I - Rage, Corporeal” can be heard via its premiere on TheCirclePit -

“A Trinity Of Rage” will be released in full on December 10, 2021.

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