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"CAELUM ET INFERNUM": Unleash Hellenic Black/Thrash Metal Power with INFERNAL THRONE's Debut!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Theogonia Records is proud to announce the infernal arrival of the Hellenic black/thrash metal band, INFERNAL THRONE, with their highly anticipated debut album, “CAELUM ET INFERNUM“. Hailing from the ancient city of Corinth, INFERNAL THRONE has ignited an unrelenting fire within the Hellenic underground metal scene, and now they stand ready to scorch the world with their unparalleled sonic fury.

Formed in the crucible of December 2019, INFERNAL THRONE erupted onto the scene with their debut single, “Torment“, a blistering testament to their unwavering commitment to their unique blend of Black/Thrash Metal. Following this explosive introduction, the band showcased their relentless dedication by releasing the mini-album “Back To The Abyss” in November 2020. This offering left an indelible mark on the metal community, earning praise from fans, radio stations, and metal magazines worldwide, solidifying its place among the “Best Releases of 2020”.

INFERNAL THRONE’s path of devastation continued with the release of the 5-way split album “Legends And Warriors Of The Corinthian Throne” in March 2023, under the banner of Hellenic Metal World. With this monumental release, INFERNAL THRONE gathered formidable allies from Greece’s underground scene, forging a bond that laid the groundwork for their unstoppable journey.

Now, as the fires of anticipation reach a fevered crescendo, INFERNAL THRONE stands poised to unveil their debut full-length, “CAELUM ET INFERNUM“. This sonic inferno is set to engulf your senses, as the band takes you on a treacherous journey through their dark and visceral soundscape.


1. A World Of Chaos (Intro)

2. Wings Of Winter (feat Greg Barlas)

3. Desolation (feat Kerveros)

4. Among Two Worlds (feat Greg Barlas)

5. Caelum Et Infernum

6. And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

7. Thy Flame Of Darkness

8. Cataclysm Of The Soul (feat Greg Barlas)

9. Αιώνια Ζωή (Eternal Life – feat Archon)

10. No Hope, No Pain (Outro)

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