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CADAVER - Confirmed For Mayhem's "Northern Ritual 2021" Tour!

Norwegian death metal pioneers CADAVER are proud to announce that they have been confirmed as special guests for the legendary MAYHEM's "Northern Ritual MMXXI" tour throughout Norway, which will take place in November/December 2021. In addition, CADAVER will play at Inferno Festival's THE INFERNAL RESURRECTION Fest at Sentrum Scene, Oslo (NO), alongside IHSAHN and TULUS this Thursday, June 17th. In early 2022 they will finally be able to play outside of Norway again, joining ATHEIST and SVART CROWN on a full European crusade under the banner "Enthralled In Europe 2022".

CADAVER's Anders Odden comments on the MAYHEM tour: "MAYHEM taught me everything I know about extreme metal from 1986 onwards. Without them I would not have formed my own extreme metal band and gone the way I did in my career. Now, 35 years later, it’s a huge honor to join forces with them when we will take back the stages in our homeland after the apocalypse. Hail to the legions of MAYHEM, see you in the darkness."

CADAVER was one of the first death metal bands from Norway. After several demo tapes between 1988 and 1990, the band released their debut album “Hallucinating Anxiety” in 1990. Often considered has the very first Norwegian death metal album. Two years later they followed up with “ Pains” before the split-up in 1993. In 1999 founding member Anders Odden (Order, ex Celtic Frost, Satyricon) brought the band back to life under the name Cadaver Inc. After a few years the band changed their name back to CADAVER before they disbanded again. CADAVER is now back and they released the brutal new album “Edder & Bile” in 2020 via NUCLEAR BLAST. Norwegian death metal at its best!

Buy or listen to CADAVER's latest album Edder & Bile here:



26.11.2021 - Bergen - USF Verftet

27.11.2021 - Kopervik - Ovenpaa

28.11.2021 - Stavanger - Folken

01.12.2021 - Drammen - Union Scene

02.12.2021 - Hamar - Gregers

03.12.2021 - Trondheim - Verstedhallen

04.12.2021 - Lillehammer - Felix

05.12.2021 - Oslo - Rockefeller

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