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  • Jason Hesley

CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP release "Demons" music video!

As Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, England’s up-and-coming modern metal act, is gearing up for a May release of their much awaited, sophomore studio album, Sentiments, today the four-piece has shared a blistering video clip for their new single "Demons"!

Following two EPs and their 2019-debut The Heartless – lauded by both fans and the international music press alike – seen Cabin Boy Jumped Ship burst into the scene as one of England’s hottest newcomers of the last years. The band mixes Electro and Metal and calls it Electronicore; a sound which changes dance floors all over the world into pulsating moshpits.

After the previously-released, first single "Survivor", Cabin Boy Jumped Shiphave just premiered a further appetizer taken from their upcoming record, unleashing the "Demons" in a brand new video clip! Says frontman Conor Peek: “Demons showcases the next era of CBJS. This track was one of the first demos created for Sentiments and when Reece showed the rest of the band the concept he was working on we knew that this would be the next chapter for the band. This is not one to miss!"

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