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  • Jason Hesley

CABAL - release their new banger 'Magno Interitus'!

"Magno Interitus, the great decay comes for all of us.No one gets out, our lifes are cloaked in the darkest shroud"

Golden light, full green vines and flower wreaths - today, Danish deathcore outlet CABAL gets ready to spice up this idyllic setting with their new brutal banger 'Magno Interitus' featuring Joe Bad (FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY) that the band releases today.

Supported by an haunting yet disturbing performance video that shows the band's jaw-dropping live presence and skills, the new track of Danish finest extreme metal export comes with sawing riffs and massive breakdowns. Witness the madness here:

CABAL about their new song 'Magno Interitus': "'Magno Interitus' written while the pandemic was at its highest and everything seemed like it was going to collapse around us. Politicians still just serving their own best interests, peaceful protests having what are essentially war crimes committed against them, all while the impending threat of global destruction due to rapid climate changes, seems to be downplayed severely or outright ignored by those in power. The track is three and a half minutes of pure vitriol spewed in the face of those who dare to try and ignore the great decay that is happening right before our eyes and all around us. To really make the track stand out as much as possible we elicited the help from one of our favourite vocalists; Joe Bad of the amazing Fit For an Autopsy."

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