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  • Jason Hesley

CABAL - release new single 'Exit Wound'!

Copenhagen’s most visceral metal export, CABAL, have released a brand new single titled ‘Exit Wound’ that displays their willingness to tackle deeply sensitive topics whilst drawing from personal experiences. Focusing on the trauma experienced after the death of a loved one without the chance for a final goodbye, CABAL channel those feelings of powerlessness and loneliness into a gut wrenchingly intense track.

Singer Andreas Bjulver states: "Exit Wound is a very personal song to me, as it serves as an outlet for the trauma i felt right after my granddads suicide at the beginning of 2021. It deals with the heavy subject of being denied a final goodbye to one of the few people I've ever felt a true connection and real kinship to."

'Exit Wound' comes with a breathtaking video highlighting the band's explosive performance skills whilst underlining the intense message of the track. Check it out above.

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