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  • Jason Hesley

CABAL - drop 'Plague Bringer (Inhuman Rework)'!

Danish deathcore mob CABAL start off 2024 strong. After kicking off their ‘The Great Decay European Tour’ a few days ago, the band from Copenhagen have dropped 'Plague Bringer (INHUMAN Rework)' today. Taken from the band's last album, the highly lauded Magno Interitus, German producer INHUMAN has reshaped this crushing cut and added his own distinctive touch to 'Plague Bringer'. Listen to the song here:

Singer Andreas Bjulver states:"If there is something we’ve always loved in CABAL, it’s collaboration and experimentation, so we decided to embrace both of those two things with this rework of Plague Bringer by dark electronic wizard Inhuman. We are super excited that Inhuman managed to create a fresh and new take on our sound, and that we now get to share it with you all."

INHUMAN adds:"Excited to announce my collaboration with Nuclear Blast and Cabal on the remix of their hit single, 'Plague Bringer.' This rendition is my most metal-inspired take, merging the potent force of electronic production with Cabal's relentless instrumentation and vocals. Brace yourself for an intense sonic blend, where metal meets electronica, inviting you to dive deep into the auditive plague. Get ready for an electrifying experience that hits hard and doesn't hold back."

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