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  • Jason Hesley

CABAL - announce their new album Magno Interitus!

Today's the longest day of the year, followed by a short magical night: Midsummer. It's the perfect time to celebrate with flowers and plants, lightheartedly and with your loved ones in ecstatic joy. But this year, something dark lurks under the flower wreaths - ready to herald the uprising of the most brutal metal force that Denmark ever unleashed into the world.

Praised as one of the most promising and interesting bands in the Danish deathcore scene, CABAL gets ready to enter a new level in their so-far impressive career that recently has been crowned by pumped liveshows alongside bands like LORNA SHORE or NASTY. Today, the band announces their new longplayer Magno Interitus that will be released on October 21st via Nuclear Blast.

CABAL states: "The album Magno Interitus - which translates to the great decay, was written during the pandemic when we felt like everything was falling apart right in front of us, both in grand scheme of things but also on a much more personal level. So most of the songs serve as an outlet for all of the emotions we've felt during this time, which is also why this might not be the most uplifting album ever produced. The album was recorded, produced and mixed and mastered by our very own Chris Kreutzfeldt."

The album will be available as Digipak [limited edition], Black Single LP, Crystal Clear with Gold Single LP [limited to 500 units, Mailorder + Wholesale exclusive], Gold + Black Marbled Single LP [limited to 500 units, USA exclusive], Crystal Clear with Red + Black Splatter Single LP [limited to 300 units, bandshop exclusives] and on all streaming platforms.

Preorder Magno Interitus here: The announcement of Magno Interitus comes with a track that couldn't be a better fit for this special day. Check out the track for 'Exsanguination' here:

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