• Jason Hesley

BURNING WITCHES - Launch Pre-Order for 'The Circle Of Five' Vinyl EP!

This new masterpiece is available in two limited formats: A limited mint vinyl EP and a limited sparkle vinyl EP.

Pre-order your copy of the 'The Circle Of Five' vinyl EP in the format of your choice:

The BURNING WITCHES comment: “Due to a high demand of the fans, we are luckily able to release these special songs. The musical products of the current circumstances, are now available together on one vinyl EP. We love the fact that our devotees and the label still supports those unique vinyl releases! In these digitalized times, it is more important than ever!”

'The Circle of Five' Tracklist

Side A

1. The Circle Of Five

2. We Eat Your Children (live)

Side B

1. Dance With The Devil (live)

2. Black Magic (live)

Check out the video for 'The Circle Of Five' here:

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