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Brutal Records Roster Never End has signed a deal with the label!

We are happy to welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster Never End has signed a deal with the label for worldwide release the title album "The Cold and the Craving" Sept.3rd, 2021.

Never End aspires to a great many things and does most of them very well -they’re brutal. melodic and technical all at once without ever being too much of one thing, which is impressive.

The grind remains godhead, obviously, but the entwined emanations flowing from it –thrash, match rock, prog, hardcore, metal, grunge—never felt more potently distilled, dynamic or organic.

The new waves of harsh rawness and melodious grandeur surely highlights a specific section of what defines this unique style of Grunge music.

Project founded in early 2007 that weakens the boundaries between Rock, Metal, Grunge, Hardcore, Metalcore, Doom, Stoner. Evolution and musical development have always been the pillars of the project, as well as the personal development of the musicians who make up the band.


Bruno Faustino on vocals and guitar,

Paulo Aparício on drums

Bruno Santos on bass and vocals.

Now, in 2021, the band expands the nine-song album entitled "The Cold and the Craving" , also recorded and mastered at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers by Fernando Martins. This album reflects the conflicting nature of the human condition and represents an opportunity to reflect and explore that issue.

It’s rare to see such a new approach work so well and fuse with the classic sounds of metal, grunge, hardcore; Paths truly breaks the mold from which it was cast!

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