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  • Jason Hesley

Brutal Mind Releases SUFISM Debut Republik Rakyat Jelata!

Republik Rakyat Jelata (Translation: People's Republic), the debut album from Indonesian Brutal Death Metal band SUFISM, is out now on Brutal Mind.

Republik Rakyat Jelata contains with 10 massive, brutal songs in just shy of a half-hour's time! The lyrics generally address topics concerning the nation of Indonesia, as well as Indonesian culture.

The album can be streamed and/or purchased at the links below.

Track Listing:

1. Republik Rakyat Jelata

2. Sayatan Nadi Takdir Kebencian

3. Duruwiksa

4. Munajat Bejad

5. Palastra

6. Rogahala

7. Kalawasana

8. Syaithan

9. Darkness Is Your Candle

10. Mufakat Jahat

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