• Jason Hesley

BRITON RITES: a video interview with Howie Bentley published by Schwermetallisch Reviews!

Dennis Eikenkotter of Schewemetallisch Reviews has recently conducted a video interview with Howie Bentley, the guitarist and leader of Briton Rites.

Briton Rites recently released a video for “My Will Be Thine” off their sophomore record, “Occulte Fantastique”.

“Occulte Fantastique” was out on December 18th, 2020 via Echoes Of Crom Records.

“It’s close to Witchfinder General, but it’s our way of heavy doom metal.” says Howie, also known from a cult band Cauldron Born and as a fantasy writer.

Briton Rites 2020 also includes vocalist Phil Swanson (Seamount, Sumerlands, Vestal Claret, ex-Atlantean Kodex, ex-Hour Of 13), and the rhythm section of Corbin King (Vainglory, ex-Kinrick) and John Leeson (Cauldron Born).

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