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  • Jason Hesley

Breath From The Void present "WORLD DOWN"

Breath From The Void, emerging in the shadows of 2020, has carved its essence in Groove Metal, seamlessly blending in eclectic influences from Stoner to Progressive Metal. The band, drawing inspiration from giants like Gojira, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, and Tool, presents its second EP as a continuation and evolution of their sonic journey. This release honors their established sound while returning with a sharper, heavier, and more sinister approach, especially in the crafting of lyrics and atmospheres. The EP's fury is conveyed through controlled screaming, reflecting societal themes such as political and religious deviances, personal questioning, destruction, and ecological disasters.

This second EP builds on the journey initiated by their earlier tracks, channeling doubts and sufferings through the fury of riffs and ethereal melodies. The band aimed to create a comprehensive work where the composition of the tracks, the album artwork, and the live atmosphere are cohesive and interconnected. The EP can be described as raw, intricate, and minimalist, yet simultaneously sensitive and tortured.

Enlisting a French linocut artist, the band ensured the artwork was unique and handmade. The cover features a central charismatic figure, half dissected and skeletal, symbolizing personal doubts and torments. This duality of outer shell and inner spirit, torn apart yet carried away, mirrors the ambivalent emotions of the tracks. The visual imprint of the band, akin to a tattoo on the neck, straddles the two parts of the body, further symbolizing these emotions.

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