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  • Jason Hesley

Break Me Down today present the single that closes the Three Queens cycle: The Other Life.

Veronica, frontwoman of the band, says: "In the song The Other Life, the protagonist is Grimilde, the evil queen of Snow White who, in the song, looking in the mirror wonders what her life would have been like if instead of being an evil character she was a normal person... despite the doubts, however, she realizes that being bad is the only way to be herself. In the video, Grimilde is a narcissistic, sadistic woman who lives in darkness. After the initial awakening, she confronts her mirror, and aware of her evil nature she decides to have fun imprisoning his victims in this limbo suspended between life and death. The Queen plays, weakening her prey with man's greatest fear: darkness, what is unknown, what we fear most. And right in the dark, she drags her intended victims, into an oblivion made of darkness… the very world she comes from”.

Fabio, drummer of the group, regarding the video: "It was very demanding to shoot everything in one day, but now, being already at the third official video in a few months, we have a certain internal organization that has also allowed us to have a lot of fun coloring apples, bathing Grimilde continuously and covering Tommy, our bass player, with ice (it was needed for the smoke machine!). A particularly funny moment was when we had to shoot all four together with Grimilde, who is in reality very small, generated some difficulties in the shooting... in fact in the final scene of the video in which we face the ruthless Queen, she was standing and we were almost seated".

Veronica, regarding the future of the band, declares: "Although The Other Life is the last single scheduled for this year, the response from the public has been so good that we have decided to revise our plans. Initially, we were thinking of another series of singles for 2023 but over the course of these months, we realized that not only our fans were clamoring for a record but, after all, we too began to want it. We still don't know how many songs it will contain but we have a lot of ideas about it and we will try to develop and stimulate them by continuing to bring our three Queens around live".

The confirmed dates to date are:

29 OCT. 2022 - Lupus in Fabula, Nimis (Udine)

20 NOV. 2022 - Vicolo Schinkle (Vercelli)

13 DEC. 2022 - Bootleg Pub (Milano)

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