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  • Jason Hesley

Break me Down release their new single “Not A Liar”

After their resounding performance at the Metal For Emergency festival – one of Italy's premier metal music events, where they shared the stage with metal maestros Dark Tranquillity – the dynamic group, Break Me Down, is back to capture the international spotlight. Their latest single "Not A Liar", which debuted on September 22, 2023, tantalizingly foreshadows the much-anticipated album, "Soul Clashes".

Recognized for their distinct sound signature and relentless energy, Break Me Down introduces a track signifying a marked evolution in their artistic trajectory. "Not A Liar", available across all major streaming platforms, is further augmented with a visually arresting official music video on YouTube, casting the band under an intriguing new musical lens.

Laerte, the guitarist and founding member of Break Me Down, reflects on the single: “With 'Not A Liar', we sought to delve into hope, drawing inspiration from the timeless tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. It stands as one of several tracks on the album resonating with the soul's internal struggles. We aspire for fans to not only embrace our melodies but to also resonate deeply with the thought and effort encapsulated in every lyric."

About Break Me Down: Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Italy, Break Me Down artfully melds the raw intensity of alternative metal with the evocative melodies of modern rock. Characterized by powerful vocals, compelling rhythms, and memorable hooks, the band crafts songs that resonate with emotion while delivering a hard-hitting sonic punch. Their diverse sound spectrum has allowed them to appeal to a broad audience, making them one of the notable names in the European rock community.

Discover "Not A Liar" and step into Break Me Down's immersive universe:

•​Listen to "Not A Liar": Stream the single across various platforms here.

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