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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian thrashers SADISTIC MESSIAH release an “Engineering The Macabre” visualizer!

SADISTIC MESSIAH was formed in October 2018 in São Paulo city Brazil by Rhodz Costa (Bewitchment ,Ex Infected , Side Effectz , Blasthrash , Heritage ,Cemitério) and Angelcorpse (Hellish Grave, Ex Amazarak) with the idea to execute killer Thrash Metal in the vein of 80's, like Exodus , Deathrow , Assassin , The Mist , Pestilence , Forbidden , Dark Angel , Sepultura , Demolition Hammer and Heathen.

In early 2019 the duo make a deal with Brazilian label Thrash Or Death Records to release the debut album "High Voltage Demons" (2019) on CD.

Due the global pandemic , the band was inactive and came back in early 2022 to release the second full length "Dehumanizing Process" (08/31/2022), once again released by Thrash Or Death Records in Brazil but this time with slipcase and poster.

“Dehumanizing Process” is also available on spotify and other streaming services.

The new album has more aggressive, violence and fastest then the first record; bring some death metal elements on the songs. Now, the band is spreading the new album for zines, magazines, blogs, etc, to grow up and reaching a new level. The guys are looking for labels outside Brazil to be partners in new releases and formats like tape, CD and vinyl.

Come and get with the Brazilian third world underground!!

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