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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian Thrashers of EMBRIO re-record the first song of career!

Brazilian Thrashers of EMBRIO, which throughout the pandemic have been releasing video re-recordings of old songs from their career in Lockdown Sessions format, published today on their official YouTube channel the re-recording of the track "This Flame", the band's first official composition and released on the 2008 debut album "Prophets Of Doom".

"As we are in the same boat as practically all bands today, stopped and without shows due to the pandemic, we are taking advantage of the time and re-recording older material with the current formation of the band in a series of videos at the same time that we are working on new material to our new album. We have already re-recorded the tracks "Violence", "Hell Business", "Chaos Is My Life", "For New Day" and now we did the first song composed under the name of Embrio in 2005, "This Flame". I hope you like it", commented Emerson Pereira (leader, founder, guitarist and vocalist).

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