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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian band ESCALPO releases "Unnus"

ESCALPO, a fierce ensemble hailing from Brazil, proudly presents their recent release, "Unnus". Established in 2020, this band embodies the spirit of raw and intense metal punk, infused with the rumbles of d-beat and the ferocity of death metal. Drawing from their roots in the South American music scene, each member brings a seasoned touch to their craft, resulting in a sound that mirrors revolt and a genuine nonconformity against today's socio-political backdrop.

This album, an embodiment of the band's ethos, offers a blend reminiscent of influential bands such as Anti Cimex, Discharge, Venom, Motörhead, Anthares, and Lobotomia. The dedication and passion behind the music are evident in every track. Released under the banner of the German label Thrash Out Records, "Unnus" boasts 10 tracks, spanning a total of 31 minutes. With only 666 LP copies available, of which 100 are in a striking red and 566 in classic black, this release is a treasured piece for aficionados of the genre.

Produced by the talented duo, Neri Orleone & Franco Torrezan, and recorded at the renowned Casarão Music Studios in Piracicaba, Brazil, between January and May 2023, the album promises an authentic sound quality. The captivating cover artwork, titled "THE HUMAN DISSOLVES IN ITS OWN BLIND AMBITION", is a masterpiece by @cvspe, adding a visual treat to this sonic journey.

Listeners who resonate with the likes of Tragedy, Disfear, Victims, Wolfbrigade, Amebix, and Unleashed will find themselves drawn to the raw energy and power of "Unnus". Dive into the world of ESCALPO and experience a genuine metal punk immersion.

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