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  • Jason Hesley

Brazil's AS THE PALACES BURN Unlock An Electrifying Sonic Odyssey "Lord Underrated"

Brazil's "As The Palaces Burn" has carved a distinctive niche with its balanced fusion of aggression and technical finesse. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences encompassing traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and nuanced hints of Progressive and Modern Metal, the band's sonic identity is as diverse as it is powerful.

Set to release their new album "Drowning Into Shadows" on Rockshots Records this coming October 31st, the quartet is unveiling their latest single "Lord Underrated" for metalheads to check out.

The band adds about the track:

"Set to a thundering symphony, the lyrics paint a portrait of an unyielding journey, a battle against the shadows, and a rise to claim a kingdom of one's own. With every verse, the melody weaves an epic saga, beckoning you to dive into the raw power of metal and experience the triumphant crescendo of 'Lord Underrated'. Let the electrifying riffs and soaring vocals captivate your senses, as you join this sonic odyssey that echoes with the essence of unexplored might and unshackled dreams."

Listen at the following links:

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