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  • Jason Hesley

BRAZEN TONGUE Unleashes "The Weight Of Self" Single!

The metal world is about to be set ablaze as BRAZEN TONGUE, the formidable long-distance collaboration between musicians spread across the globe, announces the release of their latest single "The Weight Of Self." This track is the first glimpse into their eagerly awaited album, Of Crackling Embers and Sorrows Drowned, scheduled for release on June 7th.

"The Weight Of Self" is a masterful showcase of BRAZEN TONGUE's ability to blend intense metal riffs with profound lyrical themes. The single delves into the spiritual struggle of seeking clarity in a world mired in chaos, inviting listeners to interpret the song's abstract narrative personally. With its release, BRAZEN TONGUE sets the stage for an album that promises to be both an exploration of metal’s aggressive roots and a journey through the introspective challenges of human existence.

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