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  • Jason Hesley

BraveWords Announces BraveWords Records "It's Where Music Lives" is excited to announce the formation of BraveWords Records Ltd. BraveWords Records launch with global PR and distribution networks set to not only be fully competitive with the current label marketplace but to exceed it, we want to work with both established and exciting new artists as they plan the next stage of their careers. Where do labels, promoters, agencies, and artist managers come when they want to advertise and promote their festivals, tours, new releases and lifestyle products? BraveWords… What if you were part of the BraveWords family of artists and this promotion and visibility was already right here at your disposal for your release?

BraveWords Records. It’s “Where Music Lives”.

Label submissions can be made at

“For decades we’ve seen thousands of bands get misguided, mismanaged and mistreated,” says BraveWords “Metal” Tim Henderson. “We intend to respect the artist and their passion to create. We will walk with you and work with you to help achieve all your goals.” BraveWords Records has all senses on high alert as the music industry continues it’s never-ending transitioning, so the artist will always be aware of new opportunities to build their brand and strive for world domination. “Metal” Tim Henderson continues,“And this is not a one-off venture; like you the artist, we are in this for the long-haul as our resumes exhibit. We won’t give up on you. There will be an extensive action plan before and after your release that will be acted upon and accounted for. Your success is our success.” Collectively, with nearly 100 years of music industry experience under our belts, the BraveWords Records team will take care of all the crucial aspects of your project from global distribution (digital and physical), publicity and media coverage (web, radio, visual), social media blanketing and streaming opportunities (such as Streaming For Vengeance). Where most labels have forgotten the concept of actually marketing a release sensibly, BraveWords Records will construct a viable and comprehensive marketing plan, including visibility at, which attracts nearly 3/4 of a million visitors monthly. Label President, Giles Lavery, "To be asked to come onboard as part of the founding team of partners here at our new label BraveWords Records is very exciting, we are looking forward to offering something unique, we collectively have what it takes to objectively look at each and every signing and access each artists needs on a one by one basis."

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