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Post-hardcore outfitBoy Becomes Hero is thrilled to share their new single "Restitution" featuring Garret Rapp, vocalist of popular metalcore band The Color Morale, premiering today on New Noise Magazine. The single is the third offering from the band's upcoming sophomore album Escape Artist due for a September 25th release. Fans can check out "Restitution w/ Garret Rapp"

On their latest single, vocalist Andrew Brittingham explains, "The song starts off describing my mental state. Holding on while feeling distorted and disassociating slightly. Feeling alone. Trying to understand if I could carry on at all. But I wasn't alone. I held on distorted and vowed to make my wife and our life a home. Not knowing what direction things could turn for us; potentially losing our business, our marriage, family members; and on. With all the mess our world is in... no matter where my mind goes; how high or how low: all I needed was my partner in life. But I made a promise 3 years ago. To my wife, friends, family, and my community. I've kept that. I've watched my back, changed my act, and have been atoning for my past by trying to be the best person I can be in every aspect. Growing through my highs and lows has taught me to keep dead set on succeeding in my marriage, my friendships, my family, and in making a positive impact in my community. I will keep my head held high; a distorted mess, but not alone. I owe it all to my wife. She deserves an anthem. This is it. Whether we have it all or none of it at all. This life is yours and mine and all I need is you..." 

On this collaboration with Garret Rapp, Brittingham shares, "Garret Rapp and I have been working on music together now for 2 years. The whole album, but especially on this track 'Restitution', we really clicked better than ever before. Garret is one of the most influential and positive vocalists in the entire scene. Our vision for music really lines up. I could be happier and more proud then to have Garret on this track and the album again- I'm especially grateful to have such a great guy to be able to call my friend."

Fans can pre-save "Restitution w/ Garret Rapp," ahead of its official Friday release, now at

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