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  • Jason Hesley

BORKNAGAR Launch “The Wild Lingers” video; “Fall” album out today!

Norway’s pioneers of avantgarde/progressive Black Metal BORKNAGAR are releasing their monumental 12th studio album “Fall” worldwide today via longtime record label partners Century Media Records.

In order to continue further promote the release, BORKNAGAR are now also launching a video clip created by Marius Martinsen, Kenneth Williams and Lars A. Nedland via the production company High & Low for the song “The Wild Lingers”. Check it out here:  

Øystein G. Brun commented on behalf of BORKNAGAR as follows about “The Wild Lingers” and the album release: Hi all! The time has come for the full release of our 12th album "Fall", and we are extremely proud to finally be able to unveil and release the whole magnitude of this album onto this world. This may be the most passionate piece of music we have ever done. The hours upon hours spent, the immense work and the struggles to reach our musical peak has been challenging, steep and rough - but oh so beautiful and rewarding. What a bliss, what an adventure! Upon the release of the album, we also release our new video entitled "The Wild Lingers". This very song is my personal lovechild on this album, and in so many ways represent a culmination of a musical journey that started almost 30 years ago. This is THE song that I have chased for so many years and it is deeply rooted at the core of what BORKNAGAR is all about: Music, nature and freedom! Folks, the album is all yours now…enjoy the adventure, and cheers!”.

Check out previously released singles/videos for “Fall” here:“Summits”:“Nordic Anthem”:“Moon”

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