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  • Jason Hesley

Boris Records to Release SADISTIC VISION's 'Destroyer of All Dreams' EP on July 28!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hailing from the original era that spawned Death Metal, Sadistic Vision has spanned over three decades with their brand of “Traditional” style of Death Metal. New EP Destroyer of all Dreams will be released on CD and vinyl formats July 28 through Boris Records.

The EP's first single, "Unremorsed Killing," is available at:

Destroyer of All Dreams consists of five brutal tracks that represent a true homage to the roots of the sound that makes them Sadistic Vision.

The goal of this new EP is to give an insight of imaginative mental progressions that speak to the violent dispositions that come with murder, destruction, depressed and revengefully liberating musicality while maintaining true to the original sound of the band’s persona.

“We are truly grateful and excited to be working with our friends at Boris Records on this one. We’re looking forward to being a part of the Boris Records family.” — Sadistic Vision

“We feel that with today’s death metal consisting of so many bands that are quick to be trendy and stake a claim on the phrase “old-school” death metal that we would like to set ourselves apart from that. In saying that we are ‘traditional’ death metal, we are from the originating times of the style, and are still influenced and inspired by it both as individual and collective musicians.”


Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Unremorsed Killing

3. Repressed Mind

4. Destroyer of All Dreams

5. J.C.

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