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  • Jason Hesley

BongBongBeerWizards sludge assembly debuts ‘Ampire!'

Dortmund’s BongBongBeerWizards are poised to release their third album, Ampire, tomorrow (24 June 2022) via Electric Valley Records. Ahead of the album release date, the sludgy doom/drone group teamed up with Deaf Forever to offer an advanced stream of the album.

BBBW informs:

“We are influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, St Erik, Bomg, ODD, Dark Buddha Rising, Slomatics, Radien and all different other kinds of music. Our live sound volume levels got hardly influenced by a show we had together with our old bands and Cult of Occult back in 2016; they were blasting our ears like no others with an enormous backline. Now we are pretty good at achieving the same physical pressure, not least thanks to our Guitarist Jan, who is building cabinets known as Cosmic Terror.”

On the new album, Ampire, BBBW intended to create weird film music for a concept running in their heads: the old story about the good fighting the bad, the “one true evil.” Here, the counterparts of the evil are gathered on the highest summit in the form of priests, and the album tells of an endless pilgrimage towards the mountain summit where choirs are summoning the endless waves. Through the three lengthy songs, the record flourishes BBBW’s unusual and unearthly “heavy meditational doom” brand.

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