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  • Jason Hesley

Boneripper: Stream Dutch Metallic Hardcore Act’s ‘World Abalze’ Album + “Fear of Death” Music Video; ft. Manu Armata, 13Steps & Bladecrusher members!

Dutch metallic hardcore group Boneripper will unleash their debut album, World Ablaze, tomorrow (24 May) on CD, vinyl, and digital. Hailing from the northern parts of The Netherlands, the band features former and current members from Manu Armata, 13Steps and Bladecrusher. Notably, three of the five bandmates are blood brothers — the Glashouwer trio, consisting of WD, Jeljer, and Kees-Jan.

States Boneripper:

“‘World Ablaze’ is the follow-up record to our debut EP from last year, ‘Vengeance & Forgiveness.’ We evolved and molded our sound as a band, aiming to become more brutal and aggressive. Since we are a relatively ‘new’ band, the new record was a great opportunity for us to explore where we want to take Boneripper soundwise. We can say it is our most brutal work yet, hahaha. The record ‘World Ablaze’ is about what the title suggests, a world that’s burning. It addresses themes like war, climate change, fake news, discrimination, religious extremists, and hatred towards each other, and how these issues can make you lose hope and how to pull yourself through.”

FIND the Album on digital/streaming platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

PRE-ORDER CD/vinyl/merch HERE and Digital HERE on Bandcamp.

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