• Jason Hesley


The eccentrically named, Bofo Kwo is a symphonic darkened metal Band from Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2014, their music is produced by Kimmo Lindhom (Wamufo) and based on old black, dark and symphonic metal with influences of traditional rock. The name “Bofo Kwo” is taken from a novel by main man Ted Egger, that follows Bofo Kwo, a Cannibal King, on his adventures to take over the Universe. The groups lyrics are selected and based on the chapters of the novel and their original stylized graphics were especially made by Kimmo Lindholm for Bofo Kwo.

In 2020 Bofo Kwo will release a new Album called Space/Time Carnivorium

Bofo Kwo is a band that can’t be mistaken, ploughing a wholly original groove through the black metal genre. To add a mystic flair to the sound, Janne Winther (Bomari) offers specialized backing vocals to the songs. The band promise that this is “a project that will be a force of the Universe for years to come!”

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