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BLOODY FALLS release a video for "Dancing with Flames"


We are Bloody Falls! A band created at 2017 in Valkeakoski Finland. We play Melodic Death/Groove Metal.

-About Us

Our band consist of five members. Starting off with Stavros Mathios the half Greek, half Finnish song writing machine on the guitar being the brains of the unit. Then we have Marko Mäkinen, guitarist and valuable song contributor being the heart. Following is Rami Vartiainen our thunderous drummer with unlimited power and energy being the muscles. Then it's Mika Lehtinen, the bringer of the low frequencies with his bass and backbone of this band making him the spine. And last we have the beast that is known as Antero Hakala, the pure voice of destruction, the voice and presence that even demons would be scared off, making him the lungs and face. Put all these together and you have what is known as Bloody Falls!

(Dying is Easy Era)

Right after the release of "Burn the Witch" Stavros already had a ton of songs to start working on new material, so we had a meeting and agreed to release an EP and afterwards a full length album. This decision was made because we had at least 16 amazing songs and we didn't want to replace any, so we decided to release a 5 song EP called "Dying is Easy" and then release an album with the remaining songs plus some new additions. To this day we happily remain with Art Gates Records, we continue to work with Max Morton and work hard to provide the best music we can for all of you to enjoy!



Thanatos (LP, 27/04/18)

Burn The Witch (LP, 29/10/2021)

Dying is Easy (EP, 27/01/2023)

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