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  • Jason Hesley

BLOODPHEMY - unleash their 5th full length “Dawn of Malevolence”!

Death metal band BLOODPHEMY will release their 5th full length, “Dawn of Malevolence”, on October 20th 2023 via Non Serviam Records.


“We are extremely proud to announce our signing with the esteemed label Non Serviam Records!

We are joining a roster of incredible bands such as Blood of Serpents, Burning Darkness and Catalyst (to name a few). Our new album ‘Dawn of Malevolence’ is set to be a brutal testament to our evolution as a band. We will tell a dark, twisted and violent story through this concept album.

“Dawn of Malevolence” will be available on: Cassette, Digipak CD, Limited green Vinyl and Digital.

The track listening reads as follows:

1 Convoluted Reality

2. Therapeutic Torturing

3. Metamorphic Disposition*

4. Sanity Obfuscation

5. Incarcerated Recollections

6. Demented Masquerade

7. Dawn of Malevolence

8. Crimson Redemption

9. From Suffering to Violence

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