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  • Jason Hesley

BLOODJOB: German death metallers premiere new EP "Metastasis"

German death metallers BLOODJOB will release their new EP "Metastasis" on March 10th 2023 via Lethal Scissor Records. Pre-orders: Since the release of their debut “Sick Concept Humanity” in 2019, the group has revamped the line-up, enabling more dynamic arrangements and colourful yet brutal elements enriching the new tracks. This combined with a powerful vocal performance and a tightly pounding rhythm section results in a full blown death-grind explosion. With a growing number of gigs and festival appearances on their resume, “Metastasis” shows an ever evolving BLOODJOB, offering a varied and vibrant death metal experience. “‘Metastasis’ deals with our dystopian view on the degenerating civilization we live in and offers you three brand new tracks of grinding death metal brutality along with two re-recorded BLOODJOB classics”. Tracklist:

01. Cancerous Growth (Music & lyrics: Markus Seibert) 02. Nano-based Inconsistency (Music: Oliver Mühlig; lyrics: Sascha Kaiser) 03. All for the Good (Music: Oliver Mühlig; lyrics: Sascha Kaiser) 04. Basement Breed (Music: Markus Seibert) 05. Drowning in Defecation (Music & lyrics: Markus Seibert)

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