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  • Jason Hesley

BLOODBOUND release "Drink with the Gods" video!

July 7, 2023 sees Swedish power metal masters, BLOODBOUND, release their hotly-anticipated, new studio album entitled Tales From The North. The band's tenth album will be coming out as a 2-CD digipak including a live CD, a strictly limited box set as well as coloured vinyl LPs; the pre-sale is available via the AFM Records store here!

Following first epic album appetizers, the previously-released songs "Odin’s Prayer", “The Raven's Cry" and "1066", today, the band has shared a music video for their new single, the viking anthem"Drink With The Gods"! "The song is about the belief in an afterlife in the great halls of Valhall,"says lead guitarist Tomas Olsson. "It was a strong motivating force for the Viking warriors going into battle. To drink with the gods in Valhall was the highest honor. Only the fallen warriors that the god Odin deemed brave and worthy enough could reach Valhall. This belief shaped the way Vikings lived their lives and honoured the fallen."

When it comes to defending the core values of timeless power metal and combining them with fresh stylistic variations and exciting stories, BLOODBOUND have always been fighting at the forefront. The six-piece has proven their versatility and inventiveness countless times. Following their much acclaimed, 2021-album, Creatures Of The Dark Realm, Tales From The North will unquestionable continue to enthrall the metal community! As Olsson recently revealed:

“’Tales From The North’ is very much a concept album about the viking era. About the lives of our ancestors up here in the dark, cold and unfriendly environments of the north. Different legends and myths intertwine during the course of the songs, leading up to the epic battle of 1066, which marks the end of the viking era.”

Tales From The North was produced by BLOODBOUND, and was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Amorphis, Overkill, Sabaton) at the Swedish ‘Black Lounge Studios’. The cover artwork was created by Péter Sallai (Hammerfall, Powerwolf & many more).

Olsson adds: “The songs are more fast-paced and closer to some of our earlier stuff like ’Moria’ and ’Nosferatu’, but have more complex arrangements. Compared to the predecessor ‚Creatures Of The Dark Realm‘ there are heavier guitars and some deeper sounding keyboards. We have also incorporated some traditional nordic folk music instruments to fit the concept of the album. It`s still pure power metal but we’re trying to take it to the next level.”

Pre-Order Tales From The North HERE!

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