• Jason Hesley

BLOOD RED THRONE - Release new song 'Conquered Malevolence'!

Norwegian death metal vets BLOOD RED THRONE have pulled back the curtain on a decimating song today, titled 'Conquered Malevolence'. The vicious new track is featured on the veterans' impending 10th album, "Imperial Congregation," that's due out October 8th from Nuclear Blast.

Founding guitarist Daniel Olaisen comments on the song:

"'Conquered Malevolence' started with Meathook showing me a cool riff of his. I modified it a bit and it became the opening riff of this kick ass tune. It has some classic death metal riffs and this really tasty solo. Lyrics is about growing your individual strength. Learning not to live for anything else, be it religious, material or simply popularity."

Pre-order "Imperial Congregation":

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