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  • Jason Hesley

BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS announce new album and share lead single's music video!

Christchurch, New Zealand extreme metal band BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS have today announced the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, titled Rejecting Obliteration, due out via Prosthetic on May 19. The lead single, Methelhem’s accompanying music video is out now!

Speaking on Rejecting Obliteration's announcement, Stuart Henley-Minchington (guitar and vocals) comments: "Exposing our most vulnerable selves and exploring harrowing territory both musically and lyrically, we created an album with a certain catharsis to it that we feel is a testament to our resilient nature. Inspired by some of the most personal challenges of our lives and the events that shaped us since the release of our previous album Nightmare Withdrawals, Rejecting Obliteration stands as a defiant body of music bursting with a philosophy and energy that we can all overcome whatever stands in our path toward healing."

Vocalist, Stace Fifield adds: "Our first offering from Rejecting Obliteration comes in the form Methlehem. The lyrics meander the dimly-lit corridors of religious fanaticism, shining a spotlight on the stark similarities that can be drawn between drug addicts and those who devote their lives to their deity. The church is a cartel and billions are hooked on their premium product. Visually, we teamed up with award-winning director Amber Beaton to direct a video that would stitch the lyrics to the music, conjuring the dark and claustrophobic dimension that the song aggressively commands."

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