• Jason Hesley

BLIND GUARDIAN - kick off pre-order for "Imaginations From The Other Side" 25th anniversary edition!

Today, metal masters BLIND GUARDIAN kick off the pre-order for the special 25th anniversary edition of their "Imaginations From The Other Side" album, that will be released on December 11th. This edition will contain live recordings and other special versions of the BLIND GUARDIAN classics featured on the album.

Hansi Kürsch comments: "What can I say? A brilliant album celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is great to celebrate this in such a bombastic manner. Luckily we filmed our 2016 show in Oberhausen when we performed the entire album live. This is the perfect moment for us to present this master piece in so many different facets. An ideal resurrection of precious memories long gone, but not forgotten. This album is made for eternity… I hope. Enjoy."

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