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  • Jason Hesley

BLEEDING 90'S: New Marcus D'Angelo (Claustrofobia) side project alongside Mauricio Weimar!

Over the last few months, Brazilian musicians Marcus D'Angelo and Mauricio Weimar have been working on something very special and have finally shared it with the public. The project BLEEDING 90 's was created to celebrate the passion for fierce metal of the 90s and as their debut the duo chose a cover of “Blood Brothers” by the powerful Malevolent Creation.

The song was chosen because it presents many elements that Marcus D'Angelo and Mauricio Weimar like very much in Metal, and certainly the atmosphere of this song is perfect for the occasion. BLEEDING 90's is working on original songs that won't disappoint! The public can expect a very powerful Death/Thrash in the best style of the 90s. This material will be great because the duo is doing it with soul, without rushing, and only using elements that they both enjoy. It will be a treat for fans of the work of Marcus D'Angelo and Mauricio Weimar.

Marcus D'Angelo says:

"I admire Maurício's work since his time in Nephast, which released masterpieces of Brazilian Extreme Metal. After a few years I started to follow his YouTube channel "Extreme Drums" for addressing subjects that I think are very necessary for the Metal musicians nowadays. We had few chats on oir social medias and I was surprised and honored when he invited me to do a collab, which quickly became a very interesting project due to our affinity, posture and very similar tastes in relation to Metal. We were both forged in the 90's and it was quite natural to get at this concept of celebrating Metal at that time. We are composing a song and we are going to approach the atmosphere of 90's that we miss so much. We've been doing everything without any pressure or pretension, solely and exclusively for the personal satisfaction of been making music and we're going to put a lot of truthfulness in this project to people get high with this type of Metal that we love so much."

Mauricio Weimar says:

I’ve always wanted to play with an “elite” metal vocalist, and Marcus is one of the best in business, hands down. Thing is, I never had any contact with him, until I decided to send him a message asking if he would consider joining me in a collaboration of some kind. He promptly replied, and we noticed we have so much in common! Like, we share pretty much the same vision about Metal Music, which led to the creation of Bleeding 90’s, our project to celebrate everything we love about Thrash/Death from the 90’s. I mean, the aggressiveness from that era keeps on having a huge influence on the both of us until today.

We decided to start the project by covering the song “Blood Brothers” by Malevolent Creation, but we are also working on new/original stuff. Composing new music is really exciting to me because it is an opportunity to express myself without being attached to anything I did in the past, and that’s very precious! We are taking our time, putting our hearts on it, I can tell.

Personally, it’s a huge honour to share music with Marcus, and since we are totally independent with this new project, you can expect nothing but our very best in the future releases. We are just getting started…

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