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Blackened Death Metal Trio NEVALRA EP Out Today!

The extreme/melodic blackened death metal trio NEVALRA – whose 2019 debut full-length “Conjure The Storm” was hailed by Decibel Magazine as “riff-centric, complex death metal with pristine production” – have made their acclaimed 2015 debut EP “The Black Flame” available today, for the first time, across all major digital platforms.

Check out the new video for the EP's closing track, “Groom Lake,” designed by Raf Ortega of Ecliptic Visions (Hecate Enthroned, Nightfall) HERE.

Two videos from the EP’s original available to view: “Descend & Die” and “Terror Throne”.

The reissue of “The Black Flame” features an updated treatment of the original cover artwork by noted horror artist Brett Gray. While the five-track EP earned NEVALRA extensive praise at the time of its original release – MetalSucks described the band's sound as “(like) Behemoth with some high shrieks that would give even Trevor Strnad the chills” – Eames is excited to now introduce its material to a wider audience.

Originally intended solely for digital release, due to fan demand upon announcement, Nevalra and M-Theory Audio have decided to do a limited run of CDs (only available through our US and European Webstores and the group’s Bandcamp).

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