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  • Jason Hesley

Blackened death metal band SELENOPLEXIA to release debut full length album EXALT AND DESPAIR!

Blackened death metal band SELENOPLEXIA are ready to leave their clawed marks upon the metal underground with their full length debut album ‘EXALT AND ESPAIR.’ The Chicago based extreme metal band have found lyrical inspiration in such desperate themes as existential abjection and terror. This subject matter is delivered to devastating effect with stream-of-consciousness songwriting that makes their brand of charred and seared death metal just as brutal as the genre’s staples.

SELENOPLEXIA was founded in 2021 by guitarist Daniel and drummer Johnathan. Their line up was cemented by the absolutely savage vocalist Courtney and the stalwart backbone of bassist Sawyer. The band has built up a loyal fanbase with haunting and intense live shows all across the Midwest, touring alongside bands like ESCUELA GRIND, GOATWHORE, CHOKE, WORMWITCH, EMBALMER, and GRAVESEND.

‘EXALT AND DESPAIR’ is a brutal example of how passionate a band can be with their songwriting craft. The album centers the songs around extremity but keeps them trapped within a sulphuric atmosphere with just enough melody to make it all standout.

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