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BLACKBRIAR - release brand new album 'A Dark Euphony'!

Today BLACKBRIAR release their brand new album A Dark Euphony. The album delivers a comprehensive storytelling as you would expect from BLACKBRIAR. Beside gothic beauty and metallic darkness there is much more to explore on this fantastic album.

Zora Cock comments: “Some say that there is beauty in darkness... Terrifying visitors, worlds far gone, Gothic romances, bone-chilling legends, sin-eaters, burning hearts frozen in time, songs with a misleading voice, and a truthful whisper. This and so much more for you to discover on ‘A Dark Euphony’. We've had the pleasure of working with producer and musical genius Joost van den Broek, and we gave it our all to write this record and feel that this is our most complete, personal, and mature album to date.”

BLACKBRIAR also announced their 'The Euphonic Downfall Tour 2023' together with AD INFINITUM. They will be supported by the band PHANTOM ELITE. 'The Euphonic Downfall Tour 2023' includes 10 dates around Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Tourdates: The Euphonic Downfall Tour 2023 support: PHANTOM ELITE

29.09 NL - Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor 30.09 DE - Oberhausen, Resonanzwerk (+) 02.10 DE - Hamburg, Logo 03.10 DE - Leipzig, Hellraiser 05.10 DE - Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal 06.10 CH - Solothurn, Kofmehl (*) 07.10 CH - Schaffhausen, Kammgarn (*) (+) festival (*) plus opener - INFINITAS

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