• Jason Hesley

BLACK RIVER – Sign With Golden Robot/Crusader Records!

BLACK RIVER, the Polish blackened rock ‘n’ roll band have signed a world-wide (Ex. Poland) deal with Crusader Records (Part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group):

"We are pleased to announce that BLACK RIVER has just joined the Golden Robot Records / Crusader family" (

BLACK RIVER features Tomasz 'Orion' Wróblewski (Behemoth) and Dariusz 'Daray' Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir) and they are joined by Piotr 'Kay' Wtulich and Artur 'Art' Kempa (Guitars) and vocalist Maciej Taff. BLACK RIVER are set to release their new album 'Generation aXe' in early 2021.

"This is a very important moment for us because we will have a chance to reach listeners all over the world with our music. This opens up a lot of new opportunities and we are already looking forward to giving you the first details about our future cooperation. We've been working hard over the years to finally have this chance, and we'll do our best not to screw it up. Times are difficult not only for our industry, but moments like this give us strength and confirm our conviction about the right course. Signing with Mark Alexander-Erber, CEO of Robot Records / Crusader in the US and Michał Wardzała, head of Mystic Production in Poland, guarantees the quality and professionalism we were looking for. Flying under the wings of these 2 labels gives us the piece of mind and Black River can fully focus on creating new sounds Look forward to new material soon." - BLACK RIVER

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